traditional yeast honeycomb crumpets

    baked in Christchurch ........ since forever

  • why do we do it

    we want to do business in a way that would make our Grandparents proud!

    What's our point of view

    Passion, Integrity & Tradition

    Food should be healthy and natural, as much about nutrition, as enjoying eating with family and friends.

    Using the best ingredients to honor traditional processes. Like GMO Free 100% NZ grown Wheat, grown and milled down the road by farming familes we know.

    Businesses putting people first, because it's the simple things in life that are best.

    There is nothing more important than Family

    How do we behave

    It's the way we were raised - with French Yeast

    We have a sense of humour, and we're nostalgic everyday people who's memories about crumpets are likely the same as yours.

    We have long (sometimes failing) memories and we try hard to celebrate life and all the things that are most important.

    Family, Friendship and really good Crumpets

    So what does it mean

    What you see is what you get

    We genuinely work hard, dream big dreams, and set difficult goals, seeking advice from good folk smarter than ourselves.

    Baking the 'best Crumpets' started by deciding to do just that. Ensuring every pack of Button Family Crumpets is filled with Crumpets that we would be proud to eat with you.

    It's not how you eat Crumpets,

    it's who you eat them with that matters

  • where to find traditional yeast Crumpets


    just click on the map and type your city, town, or suburb and it will list the stores

    zoom in and select the blue flag nearest you for the store details,

    we continue to add new stores all the time.

    FreshChoice Supermarkets

    Across the South Island FreshChoice Stores

    Moore Wilson's Stores

    Across the Lower North Island Moore Wilson Stores

    Farro Fresh Food

    Across all the Auckland Farro Fresh Stores

    Countdown Supermarkets

    Across all Countdown Stores in the South Island.

    Most Countdown Stores across the North Island.

    Just ask your store manager and drop us a message if you want them at your local Countdown.

    New World Supermarkets

    All New World Stores across the South Island.

    Many Stores across the North Island, check the map:

    Just ask your store owner/manager and drop us a message if you want them at your local New World.

    PAK'nSAVE Supermarkets

    All PAK'nSAVE Stores in the South Island.

    North Island still to come.

    Just ask your store owner/manager and drop us a message if you want them at your local PAK'nSAVE

  • who are we

    we're on a mission to bake the very best Crumpets for you and your family to enjoy!

    'Mac' was the first to bake square yeast honeycomb crumpets in Christchurch. He baked and sold to Stevie's Pies and a few other stores in Christchurch and thus began the legend of traditional yeast honeycomb Crumpets. It was these honeycomb textured Crumpets that I remember buying from the dairy with my Grandfather in the 70's.

    In the early 80's the bakery sold to Brian and Brian, together they baked the traditional yeast Honeycomb Crumpets for around 15 years.

    Then Lisa, Janine and their husbands baked and delivered traditional yeast Honeycomb Crumpets to dairies & milk bars across Christchurch, and also began constructing the first gas fired, square Crumpet machine in New Zealand.

    In 2005, Jill and Stephen took over the baking Christchurch's finest Crumpets. Finally managing to bake Crumpets on the gas fired baking machine, Kiwi ingenuity at it's finest. Late 2009 the baking equipment transferred to Dean who baked for a short time until the Christchurch Earthquakes destroyed the bakery.

    It was not long after, that Daniel Button (possibly their greatest fan) stepped up. Fearing life for their children without Honeycomb Crumpets, his wife Elisabeth gave him the new company name, and her blessing to buy the company assets and go rebuild the business with Murray, David and Jason.


    Late 2013, and Button Family Crumpets Limited was born, the business is owned by four Crumpet loving Kiwi Families, built a new Crumpet bakery and we shipped our first batch of traditional yeast Honeycomb Crumpets using Mac's recipe on November the 30th 2015 to FreshChoice Merivale.

    Along with our entire team, we look forward to baking fresh Crumpets for you, your Children and your Grandchildren. We're committed to ensure that they are baked in Christchurch, Forever.

    Daniel Button - Founder, Button Family Crumpets Limited

  • how to reach us

    send us a message if you like